Sustainable fashion in style

Would you ever have thought that by wearing a stylish designer bag you would make our planet a better place to be? 

This is where GUNAS NEW YORK brand makes sustainable fashion possible, one of a few modern players driving the latest trend with this increasing demand in the fashion industry.

It brings together your passion for animals and a more sustainable planet; kindness in Fashion is what they stand for with their brand! GUNAS NY are dedicated to follow the best standards of ethical fashion by:

  • Using 100% vegan and cruelty-free materials (free of leather, bone, horn, fur, wool, silk).
  • Using innovation technology to create long lasting and durable leather substitutes, which are also made of recycled materials.
  • No animal lives being claimed for fashion industry, thus less animal husbandry meaning less greenhouse pollution.
  • No harmful chemicals used for manufacturing their products, thus making work environment healthier for people working in the industry.

It was a daring endeavor to turn unconventional alternative materials, such as pineapple fibers, apple skins, grapes, mulberry leaf pulp, recycled plastic, cork, wood and so on, into stylish accessories. GUNAS NY have left behind traditional leather, they have made it feasible to take a “boring” material and turn it into an inspired piece of timeless beauty. GUNAS bags were presented in the hit Netflix series (Sweet Magnolias), Vogue and Marie Claire digital edition (issued Jan 2020), where a classy GUNAS cottontail handbag was featured amongst other eco-friendly- luxury- vegan leather handbags. Check them out in our store and hopefully their gorgeous looks will motivate you to make an act of kindness by proudly wearing this unique type of luxurious accessory.

Cayleah J.